Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 2007

This month has definitely been eventful. The girls are growing and learning so much. Their language skills are developing nicely. I received a notice from our insurance stating Lauren will no longer get speech therapy. Part of me is scared while the other part of me is happy that she is advancing so nicely. She is talking so much better. Emily is also talking alot more. They have the funniest accents. Kadian is starting to feel better. She had a virus that resembles strep throat. Of course I am now sick from them. Kadian is still having trouble with potty training but she is on some medicine to help with that problem. I am doing well. I am ready for Sean to be down here. It is stressful being the only parent...definitely hats off to all single moms. I can't imagine being the only parent. I need a once he gets here I will be ready for some "me" time. Sean is looking forward to being down here. I know the girls will be so excited once he is here and especially since he will not be going back to Virginia but to pick up his car. I am looking forward to December:)