Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a glorious day!!!

Last night as I put the twins to bed, I thought for once things seemed to be normal. I laid them down, read them Green Eggs and Ham, and tucked them into bed. I was sadly reminded that our life isn't normal. As I walked by the bathroom, Sean was hooking Kadian up to go potty. I am often amazed by how much medical science is helping our family function normally. Her belly is starting to not look as bloated as it was. I guess we got used to how it looked. Sean commented last night how he could see how much it has gone down. It is still very hard in spots but for once in a very long time it almost looks normal. The best part is she is on less medicine. I HATED pumping so much medicine into her little body. We are praying this will help with her bladder dysfunction. Hopefully this month the doctor will be able to do her DNA testing for all 54 genes for FAODs.
After we got the girls in bed, I helped Sean put three heating pads all over him. The medicine he is on makes his whole body hurt even worse than what it does just from MS. It breaks my heart watching him struggle with the pain. The shots have many side effects. You have to wonder if it is worth it. The doctors say that the side effects get better over time. I sure hope so. He has started the process with the VA so he has several appointments. They look at all the problems he has had over his military career. They examine him to see if they are still there. Then they rate his disability according to it. He did another sleep study last week. This showed several problems so he goes back this week to sleep on a CPAP machine. Soon he will start the process with the Navy to determine if they will allow him to finish out his 20 years or if they will medically retire him. Please keep us in your prayers. We are still hoping they will say he can stay in the Navy for the last 2 years.