Saturday, January 5, 2013

De ja move

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a blog post. Last April Sean was medically retired from the Navy. Our life rapidly changed..which seems to be a pattern for us. When things seem to going along smoothly somewhat smoothly, our life usually takes a different turn.

Sean began the search for a new job which landed us in Paducah,Ky. We bought a house and began to settle (somewhat) into a routine there. About a month into us living there, the plant he worked at started talking about laying people off. So after just 5 months of living there he was in search of a new job. It felt like we had just did the whole moving thing, finding a house to live in , and establishing our life in a new place. We ended up choosing Iowa. Not in a million years had I ever thought I would end up in Iowa was way off the radar. Sometimes we have to expand our horizons...or so I have been told.

Life is very different here. For starters, the ice and snow is completely different from any weather in southeast GA. Although it's very tiring for Sean, he really enjoys his job.  The girls are settling into a new school with new friends. We have begun to set up their medical care here. The biggest downside is how far away the speciality doctors are from where we live. Wish that it was closer but it is what it is.  We found out that the third part of Kadian's muscle biopsy was not sent off . Hopefully this coming week it will be. They are looking to see if she has a mitochondrial complex involved or carries another gene for a different fatty acid disorder other than LCHAD. The question is if possibly the two genes are causing all her issues. We also found out that Lauren has outgrown her port so that will have to be replaced. She saw an opthamologist here the other day. Her Retina Pigmentosa has progressed because she is having trouble seeing in dim light. In March, they are doing a test to see how well the retinas function. Life is stressful as always but each and every day I spend with my girls is a blessing. 

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