Friday, September 9, 2011


Ever have moments that play out in your mind over and over again? It's like that moment is forever etched in your is like a tape that plays over and over again. For many of us with kids with a FAOD we can all go back to that phone call or doctor's visit.

I had went home to take a shower, do some laundry and try to spend some time with Kadian while Sean stayed with the twins at the hospital. We didn't want to leave them there alone so we would take turns taking care of them. We were exhausted, scared, many things at that point. The details of that day and the days to follow will be forever etched in my mind though. I can't remember much of what I did last week but I don't think I will ever forget that day 6 years ago.
The phone rang... I remember the confusion I felt as the woman on the other side of the phone TRIED explained to me that something was "abnormal" on Lauren's newborn screening. I can still hear the woman's voice explaining she did not know what any of it meant but that I need to contact her doctor right away. I remember trying to explain to the nurse at the hospital what the woman had told me.
I remember looking at my precious little pink ball of joy and thinking dear God I hope this is all just a dream. I can still see the Neonatologist face as he explain in medical terms what was "wrong" with my baby. I remember having no clue what it all meant and what it all would mean later on. I remember praying that they were wrong...that we would wake up from all of this and they would be wrong.
It amazes me how much of our life changed in those few days. Many would have thought just having twins would have been life changing. It paled in comparison to hearing those words. I think back and realize now that God was preparing us for what was to come. Each and every moment had a purpose...has a purpose.

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Pattie said...

Amen. Everything has a purpose and God has a plan for each one of us. I've got two boys with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome and secondary Mito. Found your blog from another Mito blog. Thanksmformsharing.